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Alysha loved it when Bryan cooked for her. Spaghetti marinara, braised short ribs, pastries, and eggs benedict, he could make it all. Alysha wasn’t much of a cook aside from a few easy recipes. One day she decided to ask Bryan for xnxx lessons. He was always eager to show off his sex skills that he had worked so tirelessly to perfect. They agreed to meet at Alysha’s house for the lessons. Bryan arrived at Alysha’s house early the next morning dressed in his chef’s hat and chef coat. He brought a selection of aprons for Alysha to wear.

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Bryan brought in the ingredients with the intent on showing Alysha how to prepare orange and cinnamon spiced coffee, triple berry fruit salad, and eggs benedict. Alysha watched as Bryan prepared the hollandaise sauce that would cover the eggs benedict. He looked incredibly sexy as he whisked. She began to remember the porn she had watched on a sex video site. In the movie a woman was naked and preparing a meal for a man. The man came into the kitchen, bent the woman over the table, and fucked her. Alysha felt her clit pulse and swell as she began to imagine Bryan standing naked in her kitchen. She walked over to Bryan and grabbed his ass. He was startled at first, but he groaned when she reached her hand around to his cock. Bryan stood still for a moment letting Alysha massage his cock through his pants. He could feel his entire body getting hot as his blood flowed through him and to his dick causing it to grow and throb.

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He shut off the stove and tuned to face Alysha taking off his pants and boxers. Bryan unbuttoned Alysha’s pants and slid them and her panties off. He lifted her onto the counter and spread her legs massaging her clit until she was soaking wet. Bryan slid a finger into Alysha’s pussy and moved it in and out until she climaxed. He forced his dick in feeling her pussy massaging his dick. He pushed in hard and fast. Alysha screamed louder wrapping her legs around his waist. She grabbed his ass pushing his cock in deeper. She climaxed again as Bryan filled her pussy with cum.